WikiGenius will soon initiate a special project called WG:Author Project, aiming to include biographies of authors worldwide, particularly within the WikiGenius online encyclopedia. Recently, the co-founder, deputy CEO, and chief information officer of WikiGenius, Parvej Husen Talukder, announced the project. He shared that the project intends to intricately integrate theContinue Reading

‘Meanderings under this long consignment of windows illumined’ Meanderings under this long consignment of windows illumined are not enough guarantors that the bile shall stay  down where precious entrails lie    and to stop to touch the feet of icy statues  is to thumb my nose at colour-cautioned parakeets, sharingContinue Reading

Kavya Kishor was established on August 1, 2020 by Parvej Husen Talukder as a literary and cultural Publisher. Its media properties include: Kavya Kishor International and Luminance at Kavya Kishor Bangla published in Bengali at Kavya Kishor E-Magazine at KKI publications are regularly read in over 100Continue Reading

Poets from Derai Upazila Shah Abdul Karim (1916-2009) is a folksinger, lyricist, Mysterious poet and composer was born at Dhalasrom village of Derai upazila of Sunamganj district in 1916. His father Ibrahim Ali was an agriculturist. Growing up in poverty and hardship, Karim started expressing his thoughts and emotions musicallyContinue Reading

ODE TO MY FATHER for father’s day – Kay Watkins My father, quite the professional Yet irreverent in the confessional Making jokes in the Synagogue As if elevating himself as a demigod My father, so very wise Yet would withhold counsel from your eyes Unless it’s one of him thatContinue Reading

THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE MAIDEN BY AMB. SOMDATTA MITRA (India) and MICHAEL HISLOP (Aus) The glorious Spring welcomes the Spirits Her gardens blooming in admiration As She revels in transforming Mother Earth Unfurling endless fields of flowers Emanating instincts, Enthralling sensations ©® Somdatta Mitra (India) There amongst Eden sat TheContinue Reading