Poetic Fire By Michael Hislop and Amber Herman One Spark, a flame It’s why I came One Flame, a fire Unity combined One Fire, Inferno To Inspire Just as One seed Buried to succeed Fathers the forest Prolific indeed So we may breathe From the small Biggest things grow MiraclesContinue Reading

Hasibur Rahman is a dynamic entrepreneur, successful businessman, and content creator with a mission to turn innovative ideas into reality. Born on July 10, 2000, in Sherpur, Bogura, Bangladesh, Hasibur has emerged as a prominent figure in the business world through his diverse ventures and impactful digital presence. Early LifeContinue Reading

POEM BY JEONG AE SON (SOUTH KOREA) Poet Ms. Jeong Ae Son debuted as a poet in 2014 in ‘Arama Literature’. She served as the 3rd and 4th chairman of ‘Sunjin Literature’. Special member of ‘Sisanmaek’. She is a member of the ‘Gyeongju Literary Association’, the ‘Gyeongbuk Literary Association’, andContinue Reading

POEM BY Mr. KANG BYEONGCHEOL Mr. Kang Byeongcheol was born in Seosan, Chungnam. After serving as a Korean language teacher for 36 years, he is now dedicated to writing. He published his poetry collections, “Childhood Diary”, “Hyenas Seek Rotten Meat” “Flowers Are Tears”, “Homo Middle School Sapiens”, “I Love You,Continue Reading

The Ascent Calls By Michael Hislop Troubles call Upon Golden Heart Amidst Blessings thrall Bewitching befall Attempting to drown sodden Fertile grounds of Faith Sprouting doubts uglyfaced Damning in accusations Tempting to fall Teasing with the precipice Abyss to Vista Behold the View Truly a distance Too far by farContinue Reading