Dr. Jose Luis Lopez
Puerto Rico
Born June 8th, 1971

Graduated from Secretary Sciences
Obtained Associate Degree in Office Automation, Puerto Rico Junior College, Rio Piedras. (1993)
Bachelor Degree in Executive Secretary, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus (1998).


Global Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Award 2024 (India)
Writer registered in the First Volume of the Great Universal Culture Encyclopedia (Global Leadership Alliance) Mexico
Recipient of the Golden Bridge Award (World Foundation/Russia)
Honorary Doctorate from Arts and Literature International Diamond Academy (Hungary)
Honorary Doctorate from Good Samaritan Global Peace Academy (Nigeria)
Received award Articulate of the Week-Gs World Nig Literary International Relation Writers (Nigeria)
Member of Puerto Rico International Copy Protection Board (Brasil)
Editor Puerto Rico Newspaper Daily Global Nation (Bangladesh)
Published in the Newspaper Daily Global Nation (Bangladesh)
Publication of second book of poetry, bilingual: Ficción Poética (poetic fiction)
Publication of his first book of poetry, Aventurero (adventurer)
First Children’s Literature Magazine (anthology/USA)
Participation virtually Wazda International Poetry Festival (Morocco)
World Union of Poets of Knight Bortolazzi (plaque/Italy)
Lido Del’annima Award Cultural Excellence (Italy)
Published in Moroccan newspaper Ahkabar7
Published in Greek Magazine Polismagazino


Ambassador of Puerto Rico (Poetic Saturday, The New Barracks) Spain

Ph. Dr. (International Federation of Writers Poets and Artists) Venezuela

Ambassador of Puerto Rico (Empowerment thru Spoken Word) United States of America.

Honorary Doctorate (Creativity and Humanism Forum) Morocco

Ambassador Creativity and Humanism Forum (Morocco)

President Royal International Academy of Arts and Literature Puerto Rico (Mexico)


Participation in 4 anthologies: Poemas Romances y Amor(2007), Entre Voces y Poesía (2022), First Poetic Anthology Dreams of Naked Skin, and Second Poetic Anthology Dreams of Naked Skin (2023)


Twice invited to Luna 9 Radio (FEM International Magazine) New Jersey USA, Radio América Visión (Chile), Entre Amigos (Spain), Radio La Enamorada (Mexico), Ecos Poético (Colombia)

Virtual Magazines:

Magazine Obulous (Spain), Quill With Spark (India), Letras de Parnaso (Spain), Netrazol Magazine (Portugal), The Panache (India), Entreparentesis (Chile), Royal International Academy of Arts and Literature (14 editions, Mexico), Azahar (Spain), Círculo Literario de Escritores ( Mexico). Loja Grita Arte (Ecuador), Nameless (Mexico), Margin of Light (Bolivia).

Vultures of betrayal
Amb. Dr. José Luis López
Puerto Rico

A mysterious flock flew over my sight and they looked so voracious, so furious they sensed they were sent to clarify the bad way. The spiritual were knocked my mind told me it was a villain who robbed an important fact that was secretly kept somewhere they know where it was. A wind rushed out on me, told me: don’t worry about, they know what they know to do!!

Immediately, clouds became darker to letting me watch the scenario unexpectedly there, and they can’t accept that some people who were confident used undignified information to reveal a mysterious house they were given to protect someone they have. And, they wanted me to get the righteous direction and they can’t stop until the mission gets done.

Surely, I was stunned, surprised by the evidence they wanted me to let me get it, and so I have to be saved by the process of the secret assignment they were given and executed. Meanwhile, the scenario was active in the darker cloud screen, and, realized it was good to be confirmed they chosen me for the collaborative counterpart to maintain safely the case.

All that was presented to me, were good done, the intruder was already disappeared and everything came out well.

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