Education is a great Wealth Writen by  Naseer Ahmed Education is a great wealth that brings improvement and prosperity to human life as well as to humanity. The importance of education in society is undeniable. It is a necessity that helps us grow as individuals and become better citizens. ItContinue Reading

Tariqul Islam Tuhin, is an Bangladeshi Writer, Entrepreneur born on June 25, 2003, in the picturesque Chatmohar Upazila of Pabna District, Bangladesh, is a remarkable individual whose life journey weaves through various facets of creativity, entrepreneurship, and digital influence.   CEO- of founder: Smart And Best Book published And theContinue Reading

Chorabarshiki Chorabarshiki (ছড়াবার্ষিকী) is a collection of rhymes published by Bangladesh Shishu Academy [1][2]. This Rhymes collection is published with selected rhymes of 476 living rhymester of Bangladesh is the largest collection of rhymes in Bengali literature.[3]   Photo collected from Jisan Mehbub.Continue Reading

Journey of the Epic Hero: A Critique of SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI’S “Mahaavaakya”, Devdoot The Angel, Canto II Dr.TAMALI NEOGI, India “Seabirds are especially compelling to us humans…being that they are perfectly at home in a location so alien and hostile to us-their mysterious experience is what, paradoxically, makes such rich metaphors…birdsContinue Reading

The egg and sons of light Interpreter’s word Soul means the power of breath consciousness (REVIEW ON SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI’S EPIC POEM “DEVDOOT THE ANGEL” Canto-4) A wealth of images, parables and homilies, teachings that overwhelm the reader’s mind, this is the deep impression that the Sudhakar Gaidhani’s Devdoot the Angel,Continue Reading

Nozima Gofurova: Everyone chooses a suitable friend. There are also many types of friendship. Some people choose friends based on their interests and ambitions, while others choose friends based on their feelings and views. In some cases, they fight quickly and reconcile quickly. Even if he fights, he fights soContinue Reading

Aleksandr Zelichenko, born in 1957 in Kyrgyzstan, Police Colonel (retired), PhD, member of Journalists Association of Kyrgyzstan and National Writers Association of Kyrgyzstan. One of the founders and first leader of the Special Drug Control Service under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The State Commission on Drug Control under theContinue Reading