THE WORLD IS FOR EVERYONE WRITTEN BY RIFAT ISMAILI, ITALY For wise, tolerant people, those who understand and accept the existence of others, the earth is the Motherland of all! At a critical moment like today, where division and wars challenge life, where evil has spread its roots throughout theContinue Reading

ANESTHESIA written by Daniel de Culla A Chamorro guy, somewhat drunk, from the Holy Family  neighborhood, in Burgos, became a min e’s friend in the Don Ponce’s Orchards , Capiscol, leisure gardens to be cultivated by the elderly who request them from the City Council. There, we made friends withContinue Reading

THERE IS NO FRIGATE LIKE A BOOK There is no frigate like a book         To take us lands away Nor any coursers like a page     Of prancing poetry:                                This traverse may the poorest take 5            Without oppress of toll;                                               How frugal is the chariot                 That bears the human soul!  Continue Reading

Poems By Tuliyeva Sarvinoz Train station We are waiting at the station, Look at the clock, take care of your child. A dream train that I didn’t expect, He runs and rings the bell. The passenger is in a hurry, the tracks of the wagon, Self-propelled bag, clear sound. “Good-bye,Continue Reading

Women By Parvej Husen Talukder At the dawn and dusk of my existence, she emerges as womanhood’s beacon. She, the embodiment of love, lights up my world. Like shimmering particles of light painting the canvas of life’s journey, my profound reverence for the feminine spirit. Every fervent plea of myContinue Reading