Poems By Maftuna Yusuf TEACHER First of all, I loved the country, Oh, the best teacher of life! I understood with your eyes your love for the soil, Sochilur is like a seed – coral teacher! The sycamore tree stretches to the eternal horizons, You are the original maple –Continue Reading

Winter Magic By Emile Pinet Fragile flakes with the purest white;an incredible winter sight.Like icing-sugar dusting cakeswith the purest white fragile flakes. Tumbling down on a gentle breezeWinter’s magic coats barren trees.And snow is spun into a gownon a gentle breeze, tumbling down. With winter white whitewashing all,soft snowflakes continueContinue Reading

Respect Napoleon Torres lll Who is right Who is wrong We can only see the light When our love is strong Sleepless night is none Dreams will be sweet Hard feelings will be gone When your friendship is great Though we have different path Agree to disagree is nothing muchContinue Reading

Angela Kosta was born in Albania in 1973. She has been living in Italy since 1995. She has published 9 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian and Italian. Angela Kosta is deputy editor-in-chief of the international newspaper Albania Press and A New Window. Se is also a translatorContinue Reading

Acrostic Poem “Special” – Linda Edwards S ignature style is what I avoid, my unique P ersonality being more important. I try to E xcel in me being me – and choosing my C reativity instead. Being different I choose I ntelligence and that is a good call and anContinue Reading

Sample The Extreme Sonnet By Emile Pinet Escaping from boredom and frustration, you evade reality within dreams. Where, though you’ve never had a vacation, you can climb tall mountains and fish fast streams. Magic exists in the kingdom of sleep; it’s a never-never land of your own. And as youContinue Reading

Poems By  E. Martin Pedersen Jigsaws spend it working jigsaw puzzles fitting the one into the other. When I ran a chain of vending machines I had few worries and little means Fill the stacks in the racks Empty the coins with a clack Whistle while you snack In anContinue Reading