I met a Child today Michael Hislop I met a Child today A boy On the train, he sat down Right next to me Hi, I am Jake I met a Child today Sitting next to me Looking up at me Old and wise eyes That didn’t judge Clear, wide,Continue Reading

A Wagtail Speaks Michael Hislop Brrrrrrr…. A-Wow Ringing sound Calling deep I am Man We stand here On this Earth Sacred Ground A man in darkskin Curls graying his hair Naked as a warrior Stories weather his face Blowing from his lips Songs from before words Low throbbing… Heartbeats MobsContinue Reading

The Last Book by Michael Hislop Key: Ancien – Ancient in French Speranza – Hope in Italian CUSTOS – Guardian in Latin Have you noticed the way the sunshine plays in the ruined and deserted places… Leaving looming shadows… In a wide open space, the sun’s fingering rays played offContinue Reading

Infinite Sighs Michael Hislop In the Light I am dark I englow In the Dark I am Light I am flow Daylight Nightlight Climates, Seasons Rhythm of the days Yes, it is dark And look it is light Funny beautiful Kaleidoscope intermingle All together Interplay One and Same Life’s GameContinue Reading

I Am The Angry Sea Michael Hislop Arrgggh… Growling Me Fiercely wild My breaks crashing I am the angry sea Feel of Me Feel My Power Feel My Energy Towering waves Powerful surges Primal urges I am the angry sea Flooding tides Foamy surf Fluids in mountains Many countless dropletsContinue Reading

FOREVER FLEEING Michael Hislop   Forever fleeing From a Dream Yet stuck fast There is no escape Thoughts posing As Ideas Breeding images and words Ghosts of the Past And Ghouls of the Present Haunting and stalking us Delimiting relentlessly Nursing secretly inside A fervent wish For conceptual freedom ReleasedContinue Reading

About This Celebration Independence of Bangladesh was declared on 26 March 1971, celebrated as Independence Day, from Pakistan. The Independence Day of Bangladesh is celebrated on 26 March when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Independence of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Liberation War started on 26 March and lasted till 16 DecemberContinue Reading

Parvej Husen Talukder Today’s children are the future of tomorrow, and every child’s education is a vital component of our social and national development. Moreover, the acquisition of education is a fundamental right of every child. When a child receives proper education, it contributes to their creative development, and ifContinue Reading

Kavya Kishor English will now release regularly in Australia. Kavya Kishor Australia will be edited by Australian author Michael Hislop to publish Literary Work by Australian authors in Kavya Kishor. Kavya Kishor is an international English and Bengali language literary magazine originally based in Bangladesh. Founded in 2020, the EnglishContinue Reading