Nosirova Gavhar was born on August 16, 2000 in the city of Shahrisabz, Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. Today, she is a third-year student of the Faculty of Philology of the Samarkand State University of Uzbekistan. Being a lover of literature, she is engaged in writing stories and poems. Her creativeContinue Reading

Friendship By Shahnoza Ochildiyeva There are a lot of beautiful and immaculate feelings in the world. One of the purest feelinga is friendship. In friendship, the so beautiful proverbs are hidden. Therefore, “There is a lot of wisdom in friendship!”says our wise people. In fact, people who have a friendContinue Reading

We’re happily depressed By Fahmida Jahan Meem People literally have the tendency to misuse terms quite often and people are so powerful that they can make a powerful, strong word weak. Well we’ll get into this later. First let’s talk about contentment. I heard people barely find reasons to beContinue Reading

Autumn Breezes Emile Pinet September skies show signs of Fall as geese trumpet their honking call. But before rivers start to freeze, Autumn breezes strip bare the trees. October dons colors of gold, orange, and red, inked by the cold. And as the hoarfrost spreads with ease, Autumn breezes stripContinue Reading