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Literary Desk: Today is birthday of Australian Poet and Kavya Kishor English’s Editor Michael Hislop. Writer Michael widely travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Michael is well-versed in our world’s societies and cultures and has experienced its wide diversity. He has an abiding love and respect for Humanity andContinue Reading

A Favorite Place Michael Hislop Men and women In crowds Are streaming in The Races are on At The Racetrack. Voices calling Loudspeakers yelling All blending into one Proclaiming loudly Here excitement lives. Today is a stage For handsome beaus Wearing suits and ties Mainly navy blue And for beautifulContinue Reading

Parvej Husen Talukder Today’s children are the future of tomorrow, and every child’s education is a vital component of our social and national development. Moreover, the acquisition of education is a fundamental right of every child. When a child receives proper education, it contributes to their creative development, and ifContinue Reading