I live without sorrows Intizor Samandarova I am happy, I am walking happily My joy is endless, I say laughing Because I have my father, my mountain to lean on Because I have my mother, my crown on my head I have no problem as I have my parents IContinue Reading

Kavya Kishor was established on August 1, 2020 by Parvej Husen Talukder as a literary and cultural Publisher. Its media properties include: Kavya Kishor International and Luminance at en.kavyakishor.com Kavya Kishor Bangla published in Bengali at kavyakishor.com. Kavya Kishor E-Magazine at emagazine.kavyakishor.com KKI publications are regularly read in over 100Continue Reading

Summer with Kamalak! Kamalak-rainbow(in english) Shahnoza Ochildiyeva Uzbekistan Summer! The heart of this season is full of love and happines! Even the sun, green Nature and wonderful gardens have special beauty and kindness . Especially summer is the favorite season of the little ones. Because they go on summer holiday.Continue Reading