My first post to this group! My background below:

Kentucky singer-songwriter Kevin Holm-Hudson has a doctoral degree in music composition, which he has frittered away writing songs instead of symphonies. By day he is Professor of Music Theory at the University of Kentucky; evenings and weekends, he writes and sings songs about desperate characters, disasters, dogs, and Pablo Casals, playing both solo and with his band Dr. Kevin Holm-Hudson & The Adjuncts. His debut album with the Adjuncts, Message from the Margins, was released in 2021 and earned Album of the Year Nominations in the Lexington Music Awards, the Appalachian Arts and Entertainment (APPY) Awards, and the Nashville-based Josie Music Awards. His second album with the Adjuncts, The Trembling Air, was released in 2022 and was also nominated for an APPY Award. Both albums are available on Bandcamp:

“In the Trembling Air” is about the creative spark and “flow” in which creatives play. When we make sound (or music), basically what we do is displace air molecules… or make air wiggle. 🙂 That’s what inspired the title.


Music is something we do together.



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