The shadow By Atef Salem Nasr


The roads are blazing with anger
My grandfather is on fire
Meteors throw
I rush with hate…love…pain and move on
Protest in the heart
My action is overflowing on my features
Who extinguished my suns?
The shadow is only evident in the glow of the light
Shadow fatigue haunts me
I still dream full of heart
Controls the glow
What does it mean to go
Hot dogs follow me
What does it mean…..?
I realize that someone is deceiving me
But also what it means
No fire of anger
The one that hits me
What winds of rage
The ones that drive me
I run along my sorrows
Lick the wound of time
I purify myself with love
My heart can accommodate the whole world
Why can’t your heart handle me?
Scuffing the leg of the days
You walk after worries follow me
In the convolutions of memory, he rebelled against me
Even my memory deceives me
My words are not scum
Yes, I understand what I mean.

Written by the poet
Atef Salem Nasr
Arab Republic of Egypt

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