Nazar Ali’s Glance Dr. Sayeeda Sharmin: The complete silence of the morning has not yet passed. Just a few birds chirping to greet the morning light. But through all the silence, after a while, mother’s call is heard. It seems that someone may be calling his mother. Anyone can callContinue Reading

GOODNESS ( little story ) It was sunny day. I was going to the store for pancakes. There was a little boy on the side of the road alone.He was upset and for some reason he was walking on the street sadly. On the other side of the road severalContinue Reading

REBUKE | little story MEKHRANGIZ KIBRIYEVA OLIMJONOVNA John’s actually an excellent, well-behaved boy. But in recent days, his behavior and studies have changed. He was now playing on the phone from morning to night, he wasn’t preparing for lessons. Since his parents were abroad, he had no one to superviseContinue Reading

Heaven is a symbol Nilufar Ruxillayeva Mother is the word bigger than the mountains, more powerful than the storms. Mother is the light of the future, bright hope, life. When God creates a woman, He takes the color of her hair from the darkness of the night, her pride fromContinue Reading

author: ERALIEVA UMUTKAN POLOTOVNA (KYRGYZSTAN) Asan is a sixth-grade student, an exemplary and accomplished boy. In the evening, he finished his homework, learned his poems, tidied up his briefcase, and went to bed. He woke up, as usual, early in the morning. He went to the bathroom, washed, toweled off,Continue Reading

A LAVISH PRESENT by Nilufar Khalimova Salimjon and Salimakhan are siblings.They were born in one day.Twins’s parents celebrate their birthday with their relatives every year. Twins will take stepseight years old this year. Relatives come to congratulate Salimjon and Salima one after another with this relation. They gave boy’s present to Salimjon,Continue Reading

E-literature magazine Kavya Kishor has crossed two years of regular publication with glory and success. The publishing program of the monthly literary magazine began with its first publication online in August 2020. Kavya refers to verse literature, humorous sweet sentences, poems or rhyming expressions, although Kavya Kishor is primarily aContinue Reading