Kavya Kishor has completed its third year of regular literary and cultural publication. Established on August 1, 2020, this magazine currently publishes literary and cultural content including rhymes, stories, and poetry as their main publishing activity at kavyakishor.com. This magazine, bearing the spirit of liberation war and freedom, publishes a special e-magazine (emagazine.kavyakishor.com) of rhymes and poems on different days. Also, this magazine, founded by Parvej Husen Talukder, has gained international recognition for publishing Kavya Kishor English (en.kavyakishor.com) edited by Australian poet Michael Hislop and co-edited by Umutay Ehralieva. So far, many famous writers and translators of different countries have contributed to the poetry of teenagers in English, which has been read in more than 100 countries around the world. Film actor and writer ABM Sohel Rashid has been the main advisor of the magazine since its inception. At present, the chief editor of Kavya Kishor is Imtiaj Sultan Imran, founder of the magazine, and Pervej Husen Talukder, the editor. Besides, Al-Jabir Ahmed, MA Jinnah, Muhammad Rasel Hasan, Suaib Muhammad Nahid and Rukaiya Rahman are also the co-editors.

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