Silla Campanini was born in 1954 in a charming village in the province of Bologna. From a young age, she displayed a particular fascination for the earth and colors. Throughout her artistic journey, she has expanded her experiences from technical consultancy (CTU) to teaching. As an image educator, she hasContinue Reading

Believe In Yourself  By Dr.Ogomegbunam Success Nwoye (Nigeria) Believing is a healing It saturates your memory, And positions you,in power of thoughtfulness, Nothing strengthens one, Like believe, Be strong,and reliable. Believe in yourself. To arrive at result, There must be trust, and palpable self-love, You are your trust,your reality,as well,yourContinue Reading

POEM BY KIM KWANG SEOK – SEULSAEM Kim Gwang-seok,was born October 21, 1961 from Living in Seoul, (South Korea) Poet appearance in 2014. I miss my first album with love 2nd album, “Letters of Love” sow a poem from one’s third album The 4th album, Nature and People’s Song Member of theContinue Reading

Nosirova Gavhar was born on August 16, 2000 in the city of Shahrisabz, Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan. Today, she is a third-year student of the Faculty of Philology of the Samarkand State University of Uzbekistan. Being a lover of literature, she is engaged in writing stories and poems. Her creativeContinue Reading

Sadir Hossain, the popular poet, editor, and calligrapher of Greater Sylhet, was born today. He was born on February 22, 1985, in Purbo Dhol-gram, Sunamganj district of Sylhet. He is the founder and editor of the popular online magazine “Daily Kobinogor Barta”. He regularly contributes to various national dailies. PublishedContinue Reading

We’re happily depressed By Fahmida Jahan Meem People literally have the tendency to misuse terms quite often and people are so powerful that they can make a powerful, strong word weak. Well we’ll get into this later. First let’s talk about contentment. I heard people barely find reasons to beContinue Reading

Autumn Breezes Emile Pinet September skies show signs of Fall as geese trumpet their honking call. But before rivers start to freeze, Autumn breezes strip bare the trees. October dons colors of gold, orange, and red, inked by the cold. And as the hoarfrost spreads with ease, Autumn breezes stripContinue Reading

A Better Tomorrow Emile Pinet From my window, I see children at play, their color blindness encourages me. They do not let skin shades stand in their way playing there together, where all can see. I hear laughter with no sarcastic sting, there are no racial slurs used to degrade.Continue Reading