The lyrical poetess Arsinoi Zengo Kallco was born in Dardhë of Korça (Albania). After finishing her primary education. Arsinoiu and her family immigrate to Hellenic country, where, she completed high school in Ioannina, Greece. Then, she graduated as a teacher of elementary education, at “Fan Noli” University, Korçë. She isContinue Reading

Binod Dawadi is a writer from Kathmandu, Nepal, is a beacon of creativity, intellect, and activism. Armed with a master’s degree in English, Dawadi wields the power of words to enact societal change. His journey as a writer, teacher, artist, photographer, model, and singer is a testament to his boundlessContinue Reading

Sun-flecked Loitering Hours By Hillol Ray   The undignified pine trees around Mt. Everest Breathe and sleep in long rows side by side- And the noiseless wind blows down the nests, Where the owls and caterpillars try to hide! Secrets unfold and the hearts of old habitats throb, As theyContinue Reading

POEM BY KIM DO YEON Poet Ms. Kim Do Yeon was born in Yeongi, Chungcheongnam – do, South Korea. She received the Rookie Award in the literary magazine “SISASA” in 2012. She is active in various literary magazines, publishing her poems. She has published a poetry collection titled “I CopiedContinue Reading

Dreams of suffering By Doctor Abdeljabbar Choukri Psychologist sociologist Poet and novolist ( Morocco) There is no way out of complaining Except seeing existence smiling There is no solution of crying Except wiping the tears There is no outlet of sadness Except to fill the soul with joy There isContinue Reading

Sovereign Moment By Hillol Ray   In a sovereign moment, God may love the seas, Nothing less than owls or laboring teddy bears- But I think of your sweet love, sweeter than a dove, As you swear with hugs, kisses, and genuine tears! I never wrestle with my age, likeContinue Reading

Bemoaned By Sayani Mukherjee   The dripping drizzle of first summer dawn The leftover pansies bloomed to its core  I sang my morning symphonies  Under the Greenberg oak  The saddle of lost promised land  The beaded sanctuary  Waiting to be engulfed A waning stormy moon To questions and narrated agoniesContinue Reading

We are the migrants By Sivadas Swami Matam We are the migrants, true bird lovers. We wish to share our thoughts and feelings with you all. We’d like to introduce ourselves and provide all of our migration information. It also includes a lot of eye-opening, truthful, and painful facts andContinue Reading

Silla Campanini was born in 1954 in a charming village in the province of Bologna. From a young age, she displayed a particular fascination for the earth and colors. Throughout her artistic journey, she has expanded her experiences from technical consultancy (CTU) to teaching. As an image educator, she hasContinue Reading

Believe In Yourself  By Dr.Ogomegbunam Success Nwoye (Nigeria) Believing is a healing It saturates your memory, And positions you,in power of thoughtfulness, Nothing strengthens one, Like believe, Be strong,and reliable. Believe in yourself. To arrive at result, There must be trust, and palpable self-love, You are your trust,your reality,as well,yourContinue Reading