I HAVE THIS TO SAY AGAIN! Thomas Abidoye (Nigeria) Connecting our continent and its people is a challenging task. However, it is achievable, starting with a healing process as instructed by Yeshua. Now is the time to speak truth to power and become a force to be reckoned with. IContinue Reading

Daily Topnotch, an online newspaper, is soon set to express itself internationally. It is likely that, starting February 2024, this publication will be regularly published in English, originating from Bangladesh. Founded by Bangladeshi internet entrepreneurs Al-Hasan Milad and poet Parvej Husen Talukder, this newspaper will be under the ownership ofContinue Reading

WikiGenius will soon initiate a special project called WG:Author Project, aiming to include biographies of authors worldwide, particularly within the WikiGenius online encyclopedia. Recently, the co-founder, deputy CEO, and chief information officer of WikiGenius, Parvej Husen Talukder, announced the project. He shared that the project intends to intricately integrate theContinue Reading

Poems By Maftuna Yusuf TEACHER First of all, I loved the country, Oh, the best teacher of life! I understood with your eyes your love for the soil, Sochilur is like a seed – coral teacher! The sycamore tree stretches to the eternal horizons, You are the original maple –Continue Reading

Respect Napoleon Torres lll Who is right Who is wrong We can only see the light When our love is strong Sleepless night is none Dreams will be sweet Hard feelings will be gone When your friendship is great Though we have different path Agree to disagree is nothing muchContinue Reading