The Planet We Call Home Emile Pinet Earth is the planet we call home, a blue marble spinning in space; orbiting a splendorous sun, an extraordinary jewel. A blue marble spinning in space, a gem breathtaking to behold; an extraordinary jewel, with crystal poles of snow and ice. A gemContinue Reading

A Prayer in Heaven Veronica Roma Pingol Garner My Hopes Gather My Fears Deliver My Doubts Here I have Tied them Neatly into a bundle Ritually sealed Hopefully someone Hears Empty fills My Life With bitterness and strife Confusion dwells within Forsaking My Grip Losing My Faith Giving in IContinue Reading

Tanka Sequence : Invocation of an Ascetic Kuma Raj Subedi Australia   Enclosing a house blowing the Shinghini-horn* eeriness is stopped by mystical kundalas* invoking the Mother Earth.   In the hunted house chants by Kanphatta-yogi* tells a bewitching story that cure in utter darkness guarantees the next sunshine.  Continue Reading

I am a Poet by Peter Okonkwo   I am a writer of poetry. I remember every story that you told me. I remember when you caused my heart to experience severe pain Even though I might have forgiven you. I remember every help you rendered me in times ofContinue Reading

Sokol Demaku is poet, prose writer, pedagogue, publicist, redactor. Was born on 1954, in Arbri of Drenica, where finished the primary school. In Prishtina finished the high school (Normale) and studied Literature and Albanian language. Is graduated in the University of Göteborg, Sweden for mathematics, and in High School ofContinue Reading

Despot Germain Droogenbroodt He fired a flare above his palace and claimed that by his victims he had been attacked. The flare illuminated neither the eyes nor the brains of his people But who looked up was even more blinded than before. Germain DroogenbroodtContinue Reading

I Think of You Aamir Abdullah Cover the distance Inch by inch From one breath to another Move with each beat of your heart If you want to touch the molten core Within the fire of my tears Come on………….. don’t rush Drink the fizz, sip by sip Can aContinue Reading

The Storm is Here This storm here In its thunder I hear it calling Rumbling my name Whispering winds Breezes with words Drawing ever nearer Speaking icy chills Storming rains Sounds a beat Pounding a parade Carrying me sensually Up and down the scale Violently Releasing in me Something primalContinue Reading

Dreams Felt Can You feel it The World Spinning in distraction Seeking destruction Fueled by wanton desires We want Love We dream Peace But we don’t Create our dreams So we surrender them Yet we want so completely Passionate yearnings primal That arise from the Soul Enwrapping body and mindContinue Reading