I Am The Angry Sea

Michael Hislop

Arrgggh… Growling Me
Fiercely wild
My breaks crashing
I am the angry sea

Feel of Me
Feel My Power
Feel My Energy

Towering waves
Powerful surges
Primal urges
I am the angry sea

Flooding tides
Foamy surf
Fluids in mountains

Many countless droplets
Of watery prisms
Just like You and Me
I am the angry sea

Entranced by Luna
Pulling and Tugging
Core of Life Mysteries
I am the angry sea

Anger Me
She taunts
You cannot contain
Nor govern We

For I Am
The wind
The sand
The sea

I Am
Engine of Earth’s Energy
Enlivening far beyond
What You can feel and see
For I am the angry sea

I Am Nature
She is Me
Intrinsically connected
We Be
For I Am both
The calm and the angry sea


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