Med kerkoub: World Population Day’s Poem

Poet Mohammed Kerkoub


World Population of the representative
man of Peace
Great pride and success
In all the challenges of life
The beautiful companion of the path with his spirit of light required kindness and beauty rare treasure
With his creativity and fine art
Painting his famous design
On the wall of the heart
The symbol of love and life is a sign
For purity and survival
The sobriety of adults with brilliant minds
The light of insight and wisdom
The intelligence of all-round abilities
Civilization and nobility
Famous for directing feelings
For the well-being and the one others
For eternal comfort and honor
Observe on the ground my respectful
To do at time and not otherwise
If not it is the loss forever
Participated to set an example and the difference it is a great honor
Se are actions and relationships
To guess with visions
Positivity in every arena and space
The same goes for the arena of wrestling
Global friendship so that brothers
Cooperate with bond and cohesion
Over difficulties and obstacles
As long as you are the best servants
For the advancement of mankind
For competence with excellence
They are bold for challenges
Always expressing his love
For the purple rose
It is all a charming beauty
Excite the heart to emerge
Love and tenderness is a lover
His favorite knight
Among all Men
For his upbringing and traits
Praise be to the Lord of servants,
Creator of creations
Of the heavens and the universes
Who endowed them with the knight of dreams
Truly distinguished by idealism
The politeness, elegance and magnanimity of real men
As well as tenderness and beauty
Great for control
In all fields
With what God has given them
Beings and universes the rule of heal
The wound of the injured
And the sad rejoice when the time comes even though the time is long
It’s true, not fiction
May you be fighters for peace in the world arena
And then the joy of hearts, minds, and those of the heavens and the universe,
The lightning of the spirits Oh peace,
This is a salute to all who want the good of mankind, Security and Peace

Med kerkoub

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