Epistle to My Human

Michael Hislop

Brothers and Sisters
Sons and Daughters
Men and Women
My Human

Right now
We weep
For You
For what We
Have done

Tears are streaming
From The Mountain’s Face
I cannot stop it
Even if I wanted to
Pray with Me
God have Mercy
On Our Little Ones

I beg of you
Pray tell Me
Why oh Why

We gifted you Eternity
In your Humanity
Crafting you
In Our very Image

If only you could Understand
Everything you need
Is within You
Yet, Oh My God
What have you done

What lack you
All around
Your every surround
Designed for You
Yet you forsake You
Spurning your Covenant
With God

What have you done
Tell Me
With Truth
Stay My Hand
Pray with Me
Pray for those lost now
Before even begun

Listen, Heed
We have sinned
Before God
And before Human
We have coveted
To be more
Than God and Human

How have you forgotten
So quickly
Your Stories
Our History
Not simply
Myths and Legends

Pray with Me
For a Rebirth
Of Faith
We owe Ourselves
The Baptism of Hope

We must find
The Divine within
For solutions to begin
What Must be Done
Will Be Done

Hubris and Pride
Affect Us
Infecting this Sacred Place
And despite Love
We cannot allow
Dangers to extend
Beyond this space


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