Iris Calif, Resident of the State of Israel, poet, writer, translator of poetry (to Hebrew), and dancer. Iris is also in charge of all foreign connection for the cultural and literature internet magazine “in direction of the wind”,  editor and translator Universal Poetry at “Mokasini” Magazine Culture & Lifestyle Magazine, Editor and translator in the “World Poetry” of the literature website “Rooms”.

member of the Composers’ Association of Hebrew authors and publishers in Israel named “ ACUM. Iris is Award Winner of 2023: The International Best Poets & POETS: THE JOURNAL OF RENDITION OF INTERNATIONAL POETRY (ITRC)[Multilingual] [China]

The Board of Directors of World Union of Poetry Magazines

November 18, 2023.

Iris was awarded a diploma from “The Russian Professional Writers Union” and the international magazine “Arina NN”, registered in the Ministry of Culture of Russia for her contribution to world culture “International Poetic Community” 2022, She is the head of the Israeli liaison department of the Hong Kong Literature and Arts Magazine.

and a member of the Association of artists and writers of the World SAPS

Iris is also serve on the editorial board of the World Poetry Yearbook 2024 (English edition)

She holds an honorary doctorate from the International Forum for Creativity, Humanity and Coexistence, Kingdom of Morocco.

Iris is 49 years old: married and mother of three daughters.

Her three books were publisher:

In a fascinating (or magic) lane breathes (or blows) Lolita on On 2001

Wild moon on 2017, And The daughter of GOD on 2020.

She is currently working on her fourth book of scripture.

Her poems have been published on radio, television, magazines in Israel and abroad, literary websites in Israel and around the world Exhibited in Exhibited in prestigious exhibitions in Israel, the Internet and newspapers international, and have been translated by international poets into Spanish, Bengali, Chinese, Russian Albanian, Turkish, Nepali, Arabic Assamese and Italian

Her poetry reflects the inner journey of her soul, which looks through love, dreams life, and breathes holy worlds, in the hidden spirit, and is a symbol and expression of her victory over Anorexia, and her choice of choosing life and love with courage.


The voice of the Nile angels carrying the God dove of my spirit body”


The Human universal flower Iris’

Daughter of heaven spirit dove of the eternal land of peace living’ / Iris Calif  




King of the Angels of the Worlds 

Our Father in Heaven

           Brave Yaakov

       Lord of all deeds   Lord of the all land 


  In the halo light of the Nile Angels   

      The night crowns his eyes  

God’s bearing my body in front of the virtue of the hidden fire of the royal Moon 

And in the creation of my heart a spirit of love is written

Blessings of the daughter of God

Nude writing lyrical holy poets

Touching A vertical stack of sacred hymns 

Kissing in front of heavenly things in paradise

       And in the “Bible” that speaks of the honegcomb offering

     The sun pours out lovers

        A living soul grows

      Holy Silence kneels 

       An incarnation of an essential melody

The voice of my soul is buried in the dripstone of God

         And it shall be called the splendid rain of the heavens

       Of my poem And the Allowed in land

  And in the fields of everlasting blossom 

  I’m the iris a Human universal flower

Daughter of God

The Daughter of Jerusalem of love

Daughter of Human

  Daughter of Eve

 Daughter of Isaac and Maria  

Daughter of the sun

Daughter of the moon

Daughter of the stars

Daughter of the land

 Daughter of the worlds

Daughter of life

    Daughter of the heaven spirit dove of the eternal land of the peace living

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