Fresh dream

By Shahnoza Ochildiyeva

The smell of soil, the smell of ground…Oh , so lovely and dear this smell. Especially, the soil of native land is closer to the heart. Repentance, the sun of homeland also seem special. After all, only one sun shines on the whole world. But, as if the sun carasses the people with its rays, looks at them with special smile.
Barno stopped in the modern airport which crowded with people. Looked around one by one . The words resonated in her native language saunded very pleasant to her ears. Barno was coming back to Uzbekistan for missing her sister and village very much. Although she wanted to wander through Tashkent which is capital of Uzbekistan , she decided to go to Surkhandarya. She promised to return again to Tashkent before went to Surkhandarya. The roads ware far away… Barno remembered the past, leaning his face against the window of the car.
Barno was born in Surkhandarya region. She grew in anticipation of the scorching rays of the sun.Maybe so that, she was so beautiful girl like so many girls of Surkhandarya. Her childhood was very happy. She saw no grief, no worries. But at the age of 17, she lost his father and a year later her mother. They died.
She and her sister started living with their old grandmother. Barno’s dream of being student at university also did not come true. The main reason for this is that, after finishing from school , she went to work abroad with aunt Robia who was both their neighbour and her mother’s closest friend. Her sister was 10 years old and her grandmother was old. Moreover, it was also difficult to find a job. They hadn’t got any relatives who can help, almost. Five years ago she left her homeland with deep sadnees in his heart.
She began working with her aunt in confectionery factory. She worked a lot to earn much money. It will be much more difficult , if you do not have a person and a home that wait you when you return late from work. Sometimes, when Barno came from work , she was weeping remembering her country, village and loved ones. She would stop weeping , thinking that she would hurt her parents who were looking from the skies. She worked hard and sent a lot of money to her grandmother. One day, When she was talking with her sister on phone, her sister said that there were many new developments in New Uzbekistan, and youth had different chances to do business.Barno had hope in her heart. She decided to come back to her home. She.wanted to live happy in her country.
She remembered her stories in her life. When she got up they almost arrived to destination. The taxi entered into the street which known for her . Barno was over the moon.
As long as, her sister and grandmother were waiting without sleeping. Barno was so happy to see them, to return to her country. That situation was impossible to describe in words. She hugged her grandma and sister with her heart, not with her hands. After she rested for few days, she began her work. “We always support youth who had a talent in their heart” they said to Barno , and they gave credit in very fast opportunities. Barno created her own confectionery factory in her village. Appart from she called it “Fresh dream” . This name was similar to her life and feelings . The “Fresh dream” factory was opened in a lot of areas of her country. Her factory and her sweets were femous and lovely for everyone.

Barno was invited to the forum of youth and studentds of Uzbekistan. The main reason for this is that she was one of the best business girl of her country. Now she was not unhappy girl who came back to her homeland with longing for her country. She was really happy!

Shahnoza Ochildiyeva

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