Niginabonu Amirova’s two poems

1. On the river bank
There is a lonely house on the bank of the river,
Who was he watching and waiting for?
There are green trees all around,
itʼs crowded,Sometimes
itʼs lonley Sometimes.

Thousands of people come every day.
This house is a refuge for the traveler
be happy.
He doesnʼt discriminate,he doesnʼt
choose the guest at all,
It is a sin not to open the door.

Winter and summer are like that, misty
A boat companion tied to a tree.
This is his fate,
His thoughtful look is waiting for someone.

2. Rainbow
In the middle of the day,
It rained suddenly
Nature is also wonderful,
He performed a miracle.

The field ,the garden disappeared,
From a sound rustling,
Insects are amazed,
The bird stopped flying.

The rain stopped suddenly,
The sun is in its place.
The sky cleared suddenly ,
He looked beautiful.

Seven rainbows,
Universe smiles.
Washed ,dust ,powders,
The wind does not hurt.

I love the shine
If it shines,itʼs a rainbow.
When it rains,
I will die.

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