We’re happily depressed By Fahmida Jahan Meem People literally have the tendency to misuse terms quite often and people are so powerful that they can make a powerful, strong word weak. Well we’ll get into this later. First let’s talk about contentment. I heard people barely find reasons to beContinue Reading

Autumn Breezes Emile Pinet September skies show signs of Fall as geese trumpet their honking call. But before rivers start to freeze, Autumn breezes strip bare the trees. October dons colors of gold, orange, and red, inked by the cold. And as the hoarfrost spreads with ease, Autumn breezes stripContinue Reading

A Better Tomorrow Emile Pinet From my window, I see children at play, their color blindness encourages me. They do not let skin shades stand in their way playing there together, where all can see. I hear laughter with no sarcastic sting, there are no racial slurs used to degrade.Continue Reading

ODE TO GRIEF (A fibonacci chain) By Kay Watkins Love Hurts With death Of those loved Grief tears you apart Then you know t’was a worthwhile love Yet… Still… We stay We remain Yes, we’re left behind But the love stays with us always.Continue Reading

Niginabonu Amirova (Writer) is selected as the Youth Representative of KKI in Uzbekistan. Recently she is selected for this title by The founder and Youth Editor of KKI. Niginabonu Amirova will work for Kavya Kishor International with children’s and teenagers from Uzbekistan by the advice of Nilufar Rukhillayeva (The RepresentativeContinue Reading