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About Me I am originally from Bulgaria but currently live in Denmark with my partner and 14-year-old daughter, where I work in the field of art conservation and restoration. The profession choice has presented me throughout my 25 years of career, with the opportunity to experience exceptional art examples. I have been working on projects in the USA, Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Denmark. In Thailand, partaking with French colleagues I was restoring private collections owned by their respected deceased king, as well as the current king of Thailand. My interest in poetry began at the age of 12, and never ceased though it has taken long pauses and turns such as the 12 years of my youth devoted to studying drawing and fine arts. The approach I find interesting in poetry is that I see it as a place of escape, of immersion in the dark undertones of consciousness, or elevation of the spirit and imagination.

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  1. The Great!!!

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Thank you so much for this honor.I am glad to see my poem so elegantly published.

  4. Thankyou so much..Appreciated it.specially Sir Michael HislopšŸ™..Blessing to all..

  5. Something is wrong with the like button on the site. Even though I can see am logged in, every time asks me to do it again and says that isn’t the right password, and to try again. Yet the password is the correct one, as this is how I got into my account in the first place. Very strange…

  6. I read this deeply profound piece again, divulging the subtle tones hidden from my eyes at the first read. This is sush an inspirational work, and so authentic for us to keep remembering our ancestors and the feet that once created this road as beautiful and endearing for us to follow…

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