Rini Asih Sasami with pen name Rini Valentina is an initiator, editor, coordinator, translator dozens of international anthology books in English, Spanish and Indonesia.  Also published her own books at Amazon and Farha Publisher, Indonesia.


Dancing in sunbeams
Eating the ripe earth
Saying hello as sweet as grapes to the musk tree
It is the host giving the rainbow dressing
A thousand colors
Please receiving the love as in God’s word order
Loving life as they get used to themselves from the mirror
Loving the love never asking
Extending love is like falling water
Loving like the sun
Hugging like the galloping dawn catches the morning
Staring at the warm face of the wound
Embrace those who are humiliated
Making those who are hurt feel special
Humanize human beings with whole-hearted behavior
Making the same human like a small painting in the desert of the ocean
Hugging their loneliness, getting rid of pride just because of the treasures of the world….

Yogyakarta, 5 February 2023

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  1. Thank you for publishing my poem…

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