Concetta La Placa, an Italian author and poet. She is a mather and grand Mather. She is a
ministerial official and she is dedicated to the field of social policies.
She was initiated into writing and poetry at the age of fifteen.
Today, she is present in the poetic panorama because she has already published her poems and
several short stories (some of which were also dedicated to children) in various prestigious Italian
and foreign poetic and literary anthologies by various authors.
She has published two collections of her poems.
The first Sylloge in paper version and in E-Book, in 2021 on Amazon, entitled “Cosmic Love and
Emotions in the Wind” with the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts & Culture from Romania, Sylloge
edited by the chief editor and international poet Nurul Hoque , which collects 55 poems( IBSN 13
979 8711159445)
The second is a Sylloge of 15 poems, published in paper form and entitled “Fliting Emotions”
published by Vitale Edizione in 2023.
In the poetic field Concetta La Placa has received several prizes and honorable mentions and recognitions of merit in competitions both in Italian and foreign poetic panorama.
Her poems are numerous are present in various Italian and foreign literary anthologies of various
author. She pubblicated her poems also in several E-book, and poetic magazines online from the
years before to 2020 and to 2024.
The author instead indicates the most important national and international anthologies ,interview,
E-Books and poetic magazines to which she contributed with her participation with her poems that she listed below.
Written by Concetta La Placa.
I think back to time gone by forever.
To the two of us and our feeling.
It attracts and repels us with magic,
Like the heat of the flame.
It whispers among the fondest memories,
overcomes the gale of life.
We are confused by this mute passion,
relentless, oozing from the heart.
Ancient sail unfurled in the wind,
sails in the storm of love.
Concetta La Placa@ all rights
It’s here.
Agemina is our love that,
rich in deep emotions,
Still oozes drops of ancient passion
And intertwines, with ardor of thought,
To our long silences,
laden with chiseled desire.
It weaves between hidden furrows of feeling
And digs into the most poignant and melancholy recesses
Of that longed-for life that was not
And that forever, never will be.
Written by Concetta La Placa
The north wind will return again,
With it also the ancient memories.
It will blow hard inside my heart,
It will sweep the useless distance.
It will erase traces of loneliness,
Pushing all melancholy away.
It will be love
Beyond all pain;
It will fill every form of absence.
And eternal sentimental echo,
it will forever defeat death.

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