Sylhet, BangladeshJune 2, 2024 – Kavya Kishor International (KKI), a leading global platform for poets and writers, is proud to announce the selection of Angela Kosta and Hillol Ray as the Best Contributor and Best Poet of the Month, respectively, for May 2024.

Angela Kosta, an esteemed poet and journalist from Italy, originally born in Albania, has been selected as the Best Contributor of May 2024. Her exceptional contributions to the literary world and her dedication to promoting poetry and journalism have earned her this prestigious recognition. Angela’s insightful writings and innovative approach to literature have made a significant impact on the KKI community and beyond.

Hillol Ray, a distinguished poet based in the USA, has been honored as the Best Poet of May 2024. His poetic works, rich with emotional depth and artistic brilliance, have captivated audiences around the world. Hillol’s mastery of language and ability to convey profound themes through his poetry have set him apart as a leading voice in contemporary literature.

The selections were made by Parvej Husen Talukder, the founder and youth editor of KKI, and confirmed by Michael Hislop, the head of KKI. Parvej, a well-known Bangladeshi poet, children’s writer, and freelance journalist, expressed his admiration for both Angela Kosta and Hillol Ray, highlighting their significant contributions to the global literary landscape.

Michael Hislop commended the winners, stating, “Angela Kosta and Hillol Ray represent the pinnacle of literary excellence. Their works inspire and elevate the art of poetry, and it is an honor to recognize their achievements.”

Kavya Kishor International continues to foster a vibrant community of poets and writers, providing a platform for creative expression and literary excellence. The recognition of Angela Kosta and Hillol Ray underscores KKI’s commitment to celebrating outstanding talent and promoting the transformative power of literature.

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