“There’s a lot of bad talk about young people online, but people are usually thrilled when they meet face-to-face.”

A 22-year-old has won the UK general election by a narrow margin. Of course, he does not want his age to be discussed in Westminster.

The youngest member of the House of Commons has been unofficially dubbed the ‘Baby of the House’, BBC wrote. The young man named Sam Carling has won the North West Cambridgeshire seat from the Labor Party.

The Cambridge University science graduate defeated veteran Conservative MP Shailesh Bhara by just 39 votes.

Describing the victory as a ‘political earthquake’, Carling said he hoped more young people would step up to the task of becoming public representatives.

“They will then see themselves represented in parliament and local councils. It will help overcome (political) reluctance.”

Earlier, the ‘Baby of the House’ was Labor Party’s Kier Mather. The Oxford University graduate won the Selby and Ensty seat in 2023.

Carling, who served as a councilor in Cambridge, says many were surprised to see him as an MP. But when he went to the doorsteps of voters, they responded very positively.

“They said, ‘That’s good, we need more young people’. There’s a lot of snarky talk about young people online, but people are usually thrilled when they meet face-to-face.”

However, Carling does not want to talk about his age as the youngest MP.

“I want us to get out of the weird mindset about the age of the youth. My concern is that we are like ten others. I just want to get on with the job.”

Recently, Carling has completely focused on politics. Saying, he has seen a relationship between the ‘decision made in Westminster’ and the social and economic collapse.

Carling grew up in a slum in north-east England, an area he considers ‘very neglected’.

“I saw many things around me getting worse. We have seen shops in the heart of our main streets close down and now become wastelands.

“The Six Form (16 to 19-year-olds) was closed, but I didn’t understand the politics of it until then.”


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