I Think of You

  • Aamir Abdullah

Cover the distance
Inch by inch
From one breath to another
Move with each beat of your heart
If you want to touch the molten core
Within the fire of my tears

Come on………….. don’t rush
Drink the fizz, sip by sip
Can a sparrow’s beak
Hold the universe in it’s entirety?
But grain by grain
She can shift the moons

My heart is the land of lost suns
You can cross the wild roars
Face the chaos
To come to embrace me
If you learn the art
to ride the wings of breeze
And fly into a mesmeric trance

Even, when I spin
Beyond the cosmic clock
And a black hole
Attracts my dust
To it’s endless labyrinth
I think of you
As you think of me
Sitting by the fire
Ignited by your roasted heart!

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  1. Thank you so much for this honor.I am glad to see my poem so elegantly published.

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