Angela Kosta was born in Albasan – Albania and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, publisher and promoter. He has published 11 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. His publications and translations have been published in various national and international literary magazines and newspapers.
Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper “Calabria Live”, Saturno magazine, Alessandria Today Magazine, the international magazine “Orfeu:”, the newspaper “Nacional”, Gazeta Destinacioni, Perqasje Italo – Shqiptare, the magazine “Atunis”, she collaborates with the magazines: “International Literature Language Journal (Michigan), Wordsmith International Editorial (Florida), The Daily Global (Bangladesh), India, Pakistan, etc.

She is co-author in several anthologies in: USA, England, India, Bangladesh, Albania, Russia, Kosovo, etc.
Angela Kosta is Ambassador for Culture and Peace in: Bangladesh, Poland, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, Romania, Moldova, Yemen, etc.
He is also Vice President of Poets in the World in South Korea, a member of the League of Writers (LSHASH) and BSHBSH – Italy, AAA (America), Greece, Poland, Hungary, Mexico, Romania, Croatia, India, etc.

Angela Kosta’s poems, essays and articles are translated and published in 30 foreign languages and countries. In addition, Angela Kosta has been featured in International Literature Language Journal (Micighan), Wordsmith International Editorial (Florida), Saturn Magazine (Italy), Journal Sentinel (India)


With his greatness

God created everything.

Nature’s amazing beauty has forgiven us

with mountain stones

with forests, aehets, long oaks,

The purchased side of the

Where the little happy lamb bleeds

Quiet among the flock without fear

Then the wolf who will be the one who is

As nature does without mercy.

Stop your hand, man.

Don’t smoke without smoking.

The forests are burning without stopping.

They are drowning in your unconscious smoke.

The breath stopped,

They are like you, soul.

Such suffering cannot be carried.

Juice nuts, rashes, oaks

How dare you cut them, touch them with your hand?

In their shadow, the men of the

Still others are still here today.

Let The Free Nature Flourish

Let the forests green

Let the mountains cross

Waterfalls, groves, buds in trees

The roses look at you for a moment.

the lawns decorated with pearl carpet

fertile fields, fields with sunflowers worship

Sit in the shadow of the old tree.

Listen carefully that you will tell a lot.

He will tell the story of our ancestors.

The land, the forests, nature have left us.

And as you will hear these in your soul,

You will be kneeling and kneeling.

Trees, forests, nature meadows

You will apologize.

Join us all

Don’t be late.

And we have more seedlings.

We give nature a smile.


Waves of Thoughts
In Search of Persuasion
Awkward by taciturn memories
Premise repeated every morning
Where from afar with deception
Your hand reached mine
While my happy heart smiled
Believing in the sweet breeze of love
In that magical infinity of the sea
Today in a storm equal to life
As well as my lacerated soul
Swan lying on the rocks
Where the roar of the waves throws it further
Elsewhere in a troubled world,
Haunted by a past that no longer exists
Maybe it never existed
Preterite in the trap of your eyes
Of your lips that emitted
Endless Words
Cheating candid, true feelings
Knowing the harm you were doing
Suppressing our oath
Everlasting Covenant
Today a spectre in oblivion.

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