Ryan Quinn Flanagan, An exceptional writer

By Parvej Husen Talukder

Ryan Quinn Flanagan is an exceptional writer, every word of his writing resonates with the reader’s soul. His book of poems, “Minotaur Snow,” is a work that awakens madness in the reader’s mind.

In the full spectrum of creativity, each word choice of his evolves into different dimensions, claiming the pinnacle of excellence. In various newspapers and magazines, I have read many writings of this creative writer, and lost myself repeatedly in the joy of genuine literature.

Ryan Quinn Flanagan, mainly a poet. whose written poetry continually echoes the song of creativity and creation. Poet Flanagan presently residing in Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada. His work has been published both in print and online in such places as The New York Quarterly, Windsor Review, Vallum, The Antigonish Review, CV2, Horror Sleaze Trash, Evergreen Review, Borderless Journal, Himalaya Diary, Rusty Truck and Lothlorien Poetry Journal.

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