A Prayer in Heaven

Veronica Roma Pingol

Garner My Hopes
Gather My Fears
Deliver My Doubts
Here I have Tied them
Neatly into a bundle
Ritually sealed
Hopefully someone Hears

Empty fills My Life
With bitterness and strife
Confusion dwells within
Forsaking My Grip
Losing My Faith
Giving in

I live alone amongst
So many questions
Inhabiting My Mind
Obscuring insight
My mind is now home
To a twisted Family
Of wondering Whys

My rowdy mind
Quivering in every moment
Searching aimlessly
Yet knowing instinctively
There is no answer to find
It is so hard to Live with feelings
You haven’t met yet

Phases of Life
Passing and Peeling
Petals of a colorful flower
Beautiful but with thorns
Everything I deserve I get
But only that and nothing more

My Life is a Mirage
A dream opera of happy and sad
But absent Truth
Hope and Faith are fake
And I Reminiscing
Of those days when I was bad
A black angel fallen from Heaven
But aren’t We all The Fallen

Veronica Roma Pingol
a.k.a Nightbutterfly

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  1. Thankyou so much..Appreciated it.specially Sir Michael Hislop🙏..Blessing to all..

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