On My Walk

Feet treading
Again and again
On The Way

My companion
Faithful friend
Together we go
Your Path meets You
Upon Your every step

On My Walk
I watch my feet
In grateful wonder
For I see so many feet
Echoes persisting
Of those have gone before

Images phasing
In a series
An endless succession
A line singlefile
The Chain of Life

And Me, a link
Birthed as inheritor
Encoded in my biology
Expressing in my mind
Voice of My Ancestors
An anchor in time

I hear their memories
Urging Me
I know their stories
Written in mine

My Responsibilities
Come to Me
Settling on my chest
For all my steps
Have never been mine
They have been my gifts.


  1. Something is wrong with the like button on the site. Even though I can see am logged in, every time asks me to do it again and says that isn’t the right password, and to try again. Yet the password is the correct one, as this is how I got into my account in the first place. Very strange…

  2. I read this deeply profound piece again, divulging the subtle tones hidden from my eyes at the first read. This is sush an inspirational work, and so authentic for us to keep remembering our ancestors and the feet that once created this road as beautiful and endearing for us to follow…

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