I am a Poet

by Peter Okonkwo


I am a writer of poetry.

I remember every story

that you told me.

I remember when you

caused my heart to

experience severe pain

Even though I might

have forgiven you.

I remember every help

you rendered me

in times of dearth

And every promise

you made.


I don’t keep malice,

Instead, I would write

down everything,

that would want me

to nurture malice

I talk to my pen

when I’m lonely

And when there’s no

one to bear my grief.

When my shadow

leaves me in the

darkest corner,

my pen remains my

ever-best companion.


Maybe you should be

careful with a poet,

or perhaps lend him

a helping hand.

Because his words

will live forevermore.

And the good you

do to him, millions

shall read of it.


You’d better reconcile

with a poet if you are

at odds with him;

And return everything

you’ve stolen away from him.

Because even if it seems

that no one yet defends him.

His ink shall vehemently

do that for him.


For here lies the

joy of a poet.

His ink, his words,

and his books

And if you would like

to marry a poet,

You’d have to love

and embrace his poems

Because I think a poet

would love you better.

After realizing that you

sincerely love his poems

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