Thunder to wonder By Nidhi kunvarani The life is full of challenges. Heart full of dreams and wishes At the end of day some comes true some turns in to ashes With the day’s morning again rises! Thorns are always there To reach at lovely the flower On that way,oneContinue Reading

An Embrace Alike By Michael Hislop I call out Silently in my heart Into endless night Creator Are You there Do You know Me No thunderous booms Nor lightning cracks Not a single sound Yet All around Reaches to Me Touching Me Pinpricks arise In sheer Delight I Awakening WithinContinue Reading

The Storm is Here This storm here In its thunder I hear it calling Rumbling my name Whispering winds Breezes with words Drawing ever nearer Speaking icy chills Storming rains Sounds a beat Pounding a parade Carrying me sensually Up and down the scale Violently Releasing in me Something primalContinue Reading

Poets from Derai Upazila Shah Abdul Karim (1916-2009) is a folksinger, lyricist, Mysterious poet and composer was born at Dhalasrom village of Derai upazila of Sunamganj district in 1916. His father Ibrahim Ali was an agriculturist. Growing up in poverty and hardship, Karim started expressing his thoughts and emotions musicallyContinue Reading

THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE MAIDEN BY AMB. SOMDATTA MITRA (India) and MICHAEL HISLOP (Aus) The glorious Spring welcomes the Spirits Her gardens blooming in admiration As She revels in transforming Mother Earth Unfurling endless fields of flowers Emanating instincts, Enthralling sensations ©® Somdatta Mitra (India) There amongst Eden sat TheContinue Reading