Tanka Sequence : Invocation of an Ascetic

Kuma Raj Subedi Australia


Enclosing a house

blowing the Shinghini-horn*

eeriness is stopped

by mystical kundalas*

invoking the Mother Earth.


In the hunted house

chants by Kanphatta-yogi*

tells a bewitching story

that cure in utter darkness

guarantees the next sunshine.


During broad daylight

the cure from the yogi’s chants

bring bold cheerfulness

turning omen into bliss

like chlorine breaks down ozone.


  1.  A blow horn carved from deer antlers
  2. Heavy earrings worn by male Yogis
  3. A clan within the Nath community





Born in 1997 in Parbat district of Nepal, Mr. Kuma Raj Subedi, is a bilingual Australian poet and translator. He is also a recipient of The Best Poet of the Event Award in the International Nazrul Poetry Festival-2023, Bangladesh. ESL lecturer at TafeSA, Mr. Subedi often writes about nature, female suffrage, religion, memories and identity. His numerous poems have been featured in international journals, magazines, anthology and reviews.He has authored an anthology The Colours of Spring.

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