Sokol Demaku is poet, prose writer, pedagogue, publicist, redactor. Was born on 1954, in Arbri of Drenica, where finished the primary school. In Prishtina finished the high school (Normale) and studied Literature and Albanian language. Is graduated in the University of Göteborg, Sweden for mathematics, and in High School ofContinue Reading

Sounds Sounds of summer And sounds of rain Sounds of silence And sounds of pain Sounds of victory And sounds of defeat Sounds of Love And sounds of grief Sounds of Man And sounds of Woman Sounds of Nature And sounds of Peace Sounds Divine For all this I PrayContinue Reading

Selected Poems of Christos Dikbasanis I FEEL YOUR COMING You come from the Universe Inside a golden box you bring me the gift of life You reverently place her in my hands I feel your coming I feel you next to me I hear your breath You smell vanilla andContinue Reading

A Wagtail Speaks Michael Hislop Brrrrrrr…. A-Wow Ringing sound Calling deep I am Man We stand here On this Earth Sacred Ground A man in darkskin Curls graying his hair Naked as a warrior Stories weather his face Blowing from his lips Songs from before words Low throbbing… Heartbeats MobsContinue Reading

Tamali Neogi’s Poems Oh Male God… She was an unique individual born out of fire, They have touched her by their unholy hands. Her saree in their hands as moisture in air, raises heat, fuelling war Oh male God, how kind you were to save her honour ! Misled sonsContinue Reading

Dream Nozima Gofurova If I go far, I long for dreams I fly like a bird I embrace the heavens. Forgetting the sad world I fly as light as a curtain. I wish I was a bird If I fly far away If I hug the clouds If I goContinue Reading