A Better Tomorrow Emile Pinet From my window, I see children at play, their color blindness encourages me. They do not let skin shades stand in their way playing there together, where all can see. I hear laughter with no sarcastic sting, there are no racial slurs used to degrade.Continue Reading

On My Walk Walking Feet treading Again and again Everyday Eternally On The Way Uncertainty My companion Faithful friend Together we go Knowingly Your Path meets You Upon Your every step On My Walk I watch my feet In grateful wonder Appreciating For I see so many feet Echoes persistingContinue Reading

A Wagtail Speaks Michael Hislop Brrrrrrr…. A-Wow Ringing sound Calling deep I am Man We stand here On this Earth Sacred Ground A man in darkskin Curls graying his hair Naked as a warrior Stories weather his face Blowing from his lips Songs from before words Low throbbing… Heartbeats MobsContinue Reading