Born for Poetry

written by Napoleon Torres lll

Group of KKI

Whizzing of the gentle breeze
Screeching of bats and buzzing of honeybees
Chorusing of the cicadas coming from a nearby forest
Enlivined my poetry verses

Writing poetry at dawn
Watching the nocturnal population
Hearing their sounds awakened my passion
Writing poetry is my direction

Scribbling words of love inspired by nature
While smelling the fragrance of night flowers odor
I’m doing the thing I adore
Writing verses more and more

I’m always inspired in serenity
It enhances beautiful moments in my memory
I was born for poetry
Writing to please is my destiny

I’m blest with a holy dove
While I’m writing it’s hovering above
Showering me with words of love
Help me write clearly the messages in poetry I have

Poetry is my happiness
My companion in my loneliness
It fills the vacuum in my feeling of emptiness
Poetry was endowed to me by God’s grace

I’ll never ask God for more
This blessing He gave I so adore
Poetry emits so much love vibes in my heart’s core
I’m feeling more joyful than before

© Napoleon Torres lll

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