The last Train
by Som

Image:  FBG of KKI

I always think about that last train
that chug out of the platform
leaving me lonely and in severe pain…
shattering the midnight magic
lying frozen with unspoken dreams
inside this age old attic…

Last train has an unique identity
it relates my world with stark ingenuity
it helps me to look at the eye of life
without any fear that’s usually rife…
when the sound of grinding steel
fades into the nothingness….. surreal !!

I discover and rediscover
those unknown mystery of my life
lying silent between that designed cover
with all the fame and unreal glory
my trivial insignificant story….
that last train…offers me solace
assures me of much needed space
during that unearthly hour of the day
when night sleeps between darkness and grey..

Painting by Parishaa… courtesy Pinterest

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