Poems By Maftuna Yusuf


First of all, I loved the country,
Oh, the best teacher of life!

I understood with your eyes your love for the soil,
Sochilur is like a seed – coral teacher!

The sycamore tree stretches to the eternal horizons,
You are the original maple – sultan teacher!

Whoever finds it, good from you.
Risking is like a river – ocean teacher!

I’m not surprised at the work of the world,
The cradle of my admiration is the teacher of faith!

I did not find a rewarding lesson,
In the chapter of generosity – sarban teacher!

At least it’s a summary of the times
Description of work – epic teacher!

When the heart sings the words, Maftuna Yusuf,
Be, your heart is like the sun – the sky is the teacher!!!


Masks are a man of this day and age,
It’s getting crazy, there’s no mercy.
Instead of virtue, the place of honor,
Hatred of a married person is gossip.

Take it, my God, you asked for it.
They scattered gold from their heads…
Standing in place of Qiblah
Pride and ambition…

Oh, instead of a sweet word, a loving look,
You give your life to his word.
What if he opened his face once
You hide your eyes and scream.

Today, for the sake of the world,
In the middle, it’s from the youth lol.
I hope your status will be black, lek
I wish you to be a father to the child…

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