We’re happily depressed

By Fahmida Jahan Meem

People literally have the tendency to misuse terms quite often and people are so powerful that they can make a powerful, strong word weak. Well we’ll get into this later.

First let’s talk about contentment. I heard people barely find reasons to be happy these days. Is it really so rare or people started having eye problems more these days or is it possible students being depressed stopped having a vision to be an eye doctor? I met a person with clear vision that finds happiness everywhere. “Just saw a beautiful butterfly and giggled”. That’s what she said. “The little kid was laying on his mother’s shoulder, we were on the escalator, me standing behind them, the kid held my index finger with his little hand and I started visualizing probably ten to fifteen butterflies flying around me, I’m laughing”. Why does she have this much clear eyesight? Actually this kinda eyesight has another different name too. That’s what’s called ‘positivity’. Now many of you can get excited to know her. Yes she exists, but in my mind.

Now I told my imaginary girl “lets talk about people using words.” “Nowadays everybody’s fun and happy by being called depressed.” What? “It’s a mood disorder.” She replied. Well it’s a big thing that has many causes. Powerful people made this a weak word using it every time to describe their situation whenever they were asked, “how was your day?”. This makes the ones that are actually going through things like this taken lightly.


Rasbihari Singha, Youth Representative (Bangladesh)

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