MY CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE Iroda Bakhronova Childhood… The most innocent and unforgettable moments of human life. A priceless period that cannot be found even in gold. Every minute of it is so sweet that it will be remembered with laughter as the years pass. Someone spent his childhood in the dustyContinue Reading

Nosirova Gavkhar Nematullayevna: In one of the tall buildings on the street, girls could be heard laughing. The passers-by who heard their voices could not pass without feeling one of the true and pure happiness in the world, as if the world was made of their laughter or as ifContinue Reading

Dreams do come true  Asaloy Khudoyberdiyeva Human beings are born with the ability to think and are different from other creatures. We sometimes fly in the sky of dreams, surrounded by various thoughts and dreams. Your dream, which you wish from your heart with a pure heart, will surely comeContinue Reading

The role of parents in children’s education If we think back to the last century, then there was no such thing as internet. According to their wishes, the children studied in depth the fields they were interested in. In addition, every parent read books with their children. In this way,Continue Reading

ABYSS OF SUPRACONSCIOUSNESS – SUDHAKAR GAIDHANI (India) Translated from Marathi By Dr.Tejaswini Patil Dange(India) In the bottomless depths of the abyssal of the supra-consciousness, there is huge treasure of the Cognition (perception). It is so deep that the person plunges into it and swims as per one’s capacity. Any poetContinue Reading

True Ramayana By Prachi Gupta Have you ever wondered on the question, how many Ramayanas? I didn’t. Being a fiction writer it never happened to me to write on mythology until I had a discussion with a Jain friend who said according to Jain Ramayana, it is Lakshmana who ultimatelyContinue Reading

Parvej Husen Talukder Today’s children are the future of tomorrow, and every child’s education is a vital component of our social and national development. Moreover, the acquisition of education is a fundamental right of every child. When a child receives proper education, it contributes to their creative development, and ifContinue Reading