Iroda Bakhronova

Childhood… The most innocent and unforgettable moments of human life. A priceless period that cannot be found even in gold. Every minute of it is so sweet that it will be remembered with laughter as the years pass. Someone spent his childhood in the dusty streets of a distant village, and someone spent his childhood in the mountains, where he never takes off his snowy cap. At this moment, deep thoughts about my childhood lead me to distant destinations, that is, to my village. This corner witnessed my joys and sweet memories. That’s probably why, every time I come to my village, I remember those moments again. I miss my grandfather’s stories and my grandmother’s tandoori bread. I would not leave my grandfather alone to be pampered and listen to fairy tales. I always wanted to hear new stories. Believe me when I say that my grandfather is the mine of fairy tales and proverbs. My grandmother is a kind person who welcomes guests and shares grapes, figs, apples from our garden and her hot tandoori bread to anyone who comes. In fact, you don’t know how time passes in the company of such people. When I think about it, I am attracted not only by childhood nostalgia, but also by love. I always felt like I forgot something when I left my village. Now that I know, my childhood and a piece of my heart are left behind in my closet without a lock…

I wake up early in the morning. I, too, to the sun that laughs at me I laugh. I set new and higher goals for the new day. I strive for these goals. With the burning love of my mother I eat the prepared breakfast, I receive their prayers. Me I am a girl from a happy family who has not left her childhood feelings. But sometimes I wonder how the lives of the people around me are going. Are my peers as happy as I am? They are also childhood Have you ever tasted the innocent world?

Recently, I saw a photo on the Internet. I am different

feelings began to riot. On one side of the photo, a boy is playing, and on the other side, there is a child sitting on the ground with his clothes, hands and face dirty. To be honest, looking at the photo, I began to be grateful for every breath I take, every moment. I felt more deeply that I am one of the happiest young people. He nursed the boy so beseechingly, let alone an innocent child, he didn’t even have bread to eat, his clothes were dirty. lives with the saying. When I had breakfast at the royal table, he asked, “Is there any bread here to eat today?” looks around with hope. I would have written these words under this picture: his childhood was buried in these soils…

Iroda Bakhronova
Student of Navoi State Pedagogical Institute

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