Mamatkasimova Sitora

International Bakhshilik festival in my beautiful land-Syr Darya

Bakhshchilik is a legacy of our great ancestors who had the power to create civilizations between two great rivers, Jayhun and Sayhun. In the years of independence, our national identity was restored, and in recent years, this cultural and material heritage of ours has been widely celebrated all over the world.
In particular, Navroz has gained prestige in the UNESCO list as an international value. The 1000th anniversary of the Alpomish epic, which reached us thanks to the art of giving, was widely celebrated in the world under the auspices of UNESCO at the initiative of Uzbekistan.
This year, the “International Bakhshichilik” festival, which embodies our national traditions, was held in the new Syrdarya, which is unique and exciting.
More than 30 music performers, 80 well-known culture and art representatives and honored guests, as well as about 50 mass media representatives from more than 40 foreign countries and international organizations who expressed their desire to participate in the festival, attended the festival. Preparations for this international festival were made in the region with great enthusiasm.
On May 6, an international scientific-practical conference was held on the topic of “Modern Art of Bakhshiki: New Tones of the Golden Heritage” related to the development of the art of bakhshi and epic poetry, further increasing the role and importance of bakhshi-poet, poet and jirov in the culture and art of the East and other issues.
The program included solo concerts of foreign and Uzbek masters of bakhshiki art, evenings of stories and epics, an international competition of bakhshi-poets, poets and jirovs, and folklore teams.
In addition, there was a presentation of programs about the lives and creative activities of famous people of Uzbekistan in a modern way, an exhibition on the history of the art of baksheesh, a presentation of scientific research works and scientific and educational literature published in Uzbek, Persian, Arabic, English and Russian languages.
The festival ended with a solemn awarding ceremony and a gala concert with the participation of the winners and prize-winners of the competition.

Mamatkasimova Sitora Bakhtiyar’s daughter was born on May 8, 2000 in Mirzaabad district of Sirdarya region. One of the active students of Gulistan State University.

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