Nozima Gofurova: Everyone chooses a suitable friend. There are also many types of friendship. Some people choose friends based on their interests and ambitions, while others choose friends based on their feelings and views. In some cases, they fight quickly and reconcile quickly. Even if he fights, he fights so that it will be good for him. Every day, he receives news from the state and makes humorous conversations. Without speaking, his friend immediately understands what he is trying to say by looking into his eyes. When he is upset, he becomes a puppet and tries to cheer him up. This is a form of true friendship.

Just like everyone has a close friend, a confidant, a friend who supports and motivates, I also have such a person.
He is the only person who can motivate me in any situation. The most amazing thing is that we have never seen each other. We only saw it in pictures. Although we don’t understand each other very well, we are good conversationalists. Yes, we are such unusual friends.
I hope that such a person will meet in your life.

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