Nosirova Gavkhar Nematullayevna: In one of the tall buildings on the street, girls could be heard laughing. The passers-by who heard their voices could not pass without feeling one of the true and pure happiness in the world, as if the world was made of their laughter or as if their laughter was holding the world. But no one knew what they were laughing at, what in the world could make a person so happy. Those who saw the happiness in their smile did not know that they spent their days under the building,deep in thought,searching for happiness beyond their lives. In one of the days that passed by, there was no trace of happiness,as usual, within these four walls. All the passers-by are amazed; they were afraid that the “angels” who were holding this street with their laughter had gone somewhere and that this joy would no longer prevail. Days passed, days followed months, months followed years. This cruel time didn’t wait at all, thousands of people and tourists were jumping from the foot of the building. But as before, the breath of happiness did not blow from inside this building. Everyone was surprised,as if someone had put an end to the laughter that was holding the world in a terrible way. The heroes of my story laughted without knowing why they were happy, yes, laughter without a reason was true happiness. Even the neighbors living next to them looked at them with envy and envy and for the neighbors, one of the falling nights was actually plunged into darkness. The life of this four-year-old, who was reflecting happiness, turned completely upside down,as if someone had left a cup upside down. Everyone was scared by the sound of loud noises, the noise of the door did not stop, the strange thing was that when the door was opened, there was silence, and when it was closed again, a cold noise started. In the next silence, the opening of the bathroom door was completely different, that is, louder sounds could be heard without silence. It all became clear that one of the girls who was struggling at the door had started a quarrel like a fairy tale,a soul entered the phone and started talking, and at that moment everyone’s masks were removed. The conversation was a transcript of the conversations conducted over the fourth of the trio. It says that the three are dissatisfied with her actions. The condition of the three who heard the note resembled the frozen face of a pale corpse. With this act, they would overhear someone’s conversation, and sometimes they would turn on her. The original cause of laughter was the “HAPPINESS” created by laughing at the fourth of the triplets and the fourth remained fixed in her views, preferring to distance herself from them, and the building fell into a deep silence, and the sounds of rejoicing did not blow again, a brilliant expression of hypocrisy, reflecting the appearance of a disappearing humanity.

Nosirova Gavkhar Nematullayevna

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