The egg and sons of light
Interpreter’s word

Soul means the power of breath consciousness


A wealth of images, parables and homilies, teachings that overwhelm the reader’s mind, this is the deep impression that the Sudhakar Gaidhani’s Devdoot the Angel, fourth Canto leaves. An immeasurable pleasure awakens again in my future translator; almost not believing how cursively ideas slide on paper and in thought through the prism of souls chained between people and animals, plants, sand and stars.
This is what a masterpiece looks like, realized through the five senses in the immortal fifth essence.

The Cloud Clans
in the roots of the soil

In the rays of the buds
they are fruits of light

No much but thanks. Could I stop? No way. Each stanza shines with beauty and wisdom, inviting the reader to continue the adventure of ideas, not letting him breathe, appealing to his hunger for novelty, mystery and simple expression, easy to regurgitate and interpretation of epic exposition. Even if the metaphors and similes of the lyrical genre abound, stirring the imagination and nurturing a real bent for knowledge, the cinematic running of the scenes incites to follow a narrative that highlights the life and truth of the civilization resulting from the creation of the Heavenly Father. I could do a comparative literature talk. But how could I liken the sun to a poor star in the constellation of the universal lyric?

But who is the soul?
Square or triangular
What does it look like?

Flame or wick
the shape of the sky or the nature of space
God particle or God himself…? ? ? ? ?

The world presents itself again in the tumult of existence, a miraculous interpenetration of man with all of Creation.
There is, however, a kernel of cosmic Genesis, verses for readers to discover and lose themselves in their beauty. Billions of a kind of haiku, images that disturb, themselves, thought interpenetrating a story, an anthology of stories that reflect the culture and universal involvement of the author.

Acad. Prof. Dr. Liviu Pendefunda

Manageng Editor “Contact International”

literary magazine from Romania
and “Destine Literare” North American literary magazine.


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