Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova is a name that has been making waves in the education world. Born in Uzbekistan in 2004, Makhfiratkhon has already achieved more than most people could dream of achieving in a lifetime.

One of her notable achievements is being a 4-year international teacher of English. She has also obtained various language certificates such as CEFR(UZB)-B2 and International ESOL-B2, SAYLOR ACADEMY-C1, EFSET-C2. Furthermore, Makhfiratkhon holds more than 70 international certificates which prove her excellence in different fields.

Apart from that, she is also a member of around 35 international organizations and has completed over 65 paid courses from well-known universities worldwide. She even possesses IBM’s $1200 badge and Arizona State University’s 150-hour TESOL certificate course.

Makhfiratkhon’s academic excellence doesn’t stop there. She has been accepted to North Texas University, Barry University, St.Johns University and was even awarded the University Incentive Scholarship.

As an active member of society, Makhfiratkhon has founded several projects and participated in about 50 international conferences. She translated several books into different languages and was even appointed as the Child Rescue Ambassador for IQRA Foundation and Child Advisor for Glory Future Foundation.

Furthermore, Makhfiratkhon is an Ambassador of the ‘Greenpeace’ organization and also an ACCA member. She is an official member of the ‘Global Friends Club’ and volunteers for IHRC. As a Global Youth Ambassador, she participates in various programs such as Movers Program and FIAG.

Moreover, she completed TOEFL iBt course from the University of California and Food & Health course from Stanford University. She had been a delegate of ‘Best Diplomats’ in Thailand, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates, and a volunteer of ‘Quyosh nuri’. She is also an official member of IAAC, Gurukshetra Foundation, and coordinator of IHRC in Uzbekistan.

Makhfiratkhon’s achievements are not limited to academic and social activities. She is also an Ambassador of ‘INERY’ and an Independent Travel Manager for ‘Dreamport Company’. As a Global Youth Ambassador of ‘Global Youth Conference Dubai-2023’, she actively participates in various events worldwide. She is the Country President of Iqra Foundation Global in Uzbekistan and has organized international webinars like ‘Suggestions to improve the quality of education’ and conferences like ‘The Power of Women’s Voices: Breaking the Silence on Gender Discrimination’.

Apart from her numerous accomplishments, Makhfiratkhon is also the author of a book called ‘A Shining Star’. Her outstanding achievements have made her a

finalist for the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ Exchange program, VIP member, and representative of Borsiba International Organization in Uzbekistan.

Makhfiratkhon Abdurakhmonova’s dedication towards her work is inspiring. She has set an exemplary standard for young people all around the world who aspire to achieve greatness. Her impressive achievements are proof that hard work, dedication, and passion can lead to tremendous success.


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